Svårt att somna?
Vaknar fler gånger per natt?
Rusande tankar?
Trött på att inget fungerat?

Då är denna SömnHypnos för dig!

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Äntligen har jag verktyg att hantera mina rusande tankar! Att bara kunna slappna av var en dröm som blivit sann! Bästa bästa Anna!

- Katarina


Sov Gott med SömnHypnos!

Bonus 1 : 

Step by step guide "How to prepare for sleep" test

Bonus 2 : 

Step-by-step guide "How to deal with rushing thoughts"

Bonus 3 : 

Step by step guide "How to process your day to be able to relax"

  • Unique produced music to activate the brain waves for ultimate relaxation & preparation for deep sleep 

  • Anna's unique method ToM Energy Release ™

  • To achieve maximum effect, listen to the SleepHypnosis for 21 days

  • You have full control!

  • Read about all the benefits of sleep & Anna's personal journey from chronic insomnia that led to her working on this SleepHypnosis for several years here! 


       Get RESULTS with SleepHypnosis on a deep level - tools that affect your subconscious and your conscious mind! 

Bonus 4 : Keep track of your development with your 21-day sleep journal.

Soon you can participate in Anna's research - keep an eye out for surveys on

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About Anna 

Anna specializes in how to find well-being in the midst of stress / depression / trauma.

It all started when she couldn't get help with her PTSD, postpartum depression and chronic insomnia that developed into ME. The severe lack of sleep also led to hormonal imbalance, Anna went from being 31 years old to being hormonally 69 years old and osteoporotic.

Today, she is a well-trained Hypnotherapist, Trauma Specialist, Internationally Certified Coach, Leadership Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, EFT / TFT Tapping Master Practitioner, trained in Advanced trauma treatment for Complex PTSD etc.

Anna is passionate about always learning the best way to expand our wellbeing and help others. She guides you in removing blockages - whatever may be standing in the way of your wellbeing such as; relationships, career, heartache, trauma, sleep problems, postpartum depression, childhood memories, smoking or unhealthy relationship with food etc. what is needed is your will and your courage!

Anna has a holistic mindset in her work,
She gives you mental & physical tools and guides you through all exercises.

You are worthy of feeling wellness!


Hypnotherapist, Trauma specialist, Internationally Certified Coach, Leadership Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, EFT/TFT Tapping Master Practitioner, trained in Avancerad trauma treatment for Complex PTSD  etc.

Finally I have the tools to deal with my rushing thoughts! Just being able to relax was a dream come true! Anna you are the best best best!

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Total SleepSuccess! Anna knows what she is talking about, I have never slept so well!

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For me, it was the first time I really learned HOW to sleep. I used to fall asleep from sheer exhaustion. This has changed my whole life for the better, I am not triggered by things that triggered me earlier in my everyday life and sleep is magical! A great liberation! Thanks Anna

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