Expand your wellbeing


"Listen inward, to go forward"
- Anna Bursell


There are probably many reasons why you are here. Maybe you have experienced traumas in life without getting the right help. Or, maybe you are looking for new ways to find wellness in life.

You have come to the right place! Together with me, get ready to

re-wire, and
re-boost yourself. 


With Gratitude,

Anna Bursell 

- Hypnosis Coach and Trauma Specialist

"I got my life back, thank you Anna!"
- Annika



  • In 2021 the launch of a unique global online-course in English and in Swedish will be released for Mothers and Parents who suffer from Postpartum depression, anxiety, trauma (depression around pregnancy)

  • Planned Seminars that will be held in Sweden, USA and Macedonia will be postponed until Corona has calmed down, hopefully by summer 2021

More information to come soon!


Anna guides you in the process of removing mental blockages, whatever is standing in the way of your wellbeing. Her courses are focused around:

  • Postpartum depression 

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Trauma

  • Blockages
    Courses are released in 2021

Lectures, Workshops & Seminars

Anna's energy, captivating demeanor, humor, and wisdom keep the audience attuned and eager for more. Anna offers lectures and workshops for:

  • Parents

  • Leaders

  • Staff members - stress management 

  • Teachers/Rreschool teachers

  • Professional Nannys

  • Women's groups

  • Helatcare/Rescure - staff

  • Grief support groups

Free material

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Get access to free material 

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