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"Listen inward, to go forward"
- Anna Bursell


There are probably many reasons why you are here. Maybe you have experienced traumas in life without getting the right help. Or, maybe you are looking for new ways to find wellness in life.

You have come to the right place! Together with me, get ready to

re-wire, and
re-boost yourself. 


With Gratitude,

Anna Bursell 

- Hypnosis Coach and Trauma Specialist

"I always feel safe and calm in Anna's presence. She is so comfortable in her darkness so I dare to be in mine"
- Jenny



  • In early 2021 the launch of a unique global online-course in English and in Swedish will be released for Mothers and Parents who suffer from Postpartum depression, anxiety, trauma (depression around pregnancy)

  • Planned Seminars that will be held in Sweden, USA and Macedonia will be postponed until Corona has calmed down, hopefully by summer 2021

More information to come soon!


Anna guides you in the process of removing mental blockages, whatever is standing in the way of your wellbeing. Her courses are focused around:

  • Postpartum depression 

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Trauma

  • Blockages
    Courses are released in 2021

Free material

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Lectures, Workshops & Seminars

Anna's energy, captivating demeanor, humor, and wisdom keep the audience attuned and eager for more. Anna offers lectures and workshops for:

  • Parents

  • Leaders

  • Teachers

  • Women's groups

  • Medical staff on a global level


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  • Private session on Zoom with Anna, for your personal growth.

  • Private session in person with Anna at her Clinic in Helsingborg. SWE

  • Increase your income with the psychology of abundance in coaching.



Anna Bursell is the first-ever to finally discover why we get postpartum depression and the 6 major risk factors. Above all, she teaches what you can do to feel wellness in trauma/depression from a holistic approach. 

Anna specializes in how to feel wellness in trauma/depression. She removes blockages whatever may be that stands in the way of your wellbeing; heartache, trauma, childhood memories, relationships, smoking or food problems.  

Anna gives you guidance to reach your personal goals, to evolve and find your purpose and freedom that lies within you, with great discretion and confidentiality of course.  A session is always a safe space without judgment.

With a wide background in different businesses from helping organizations that free children from human trafficking, head of marketing, business developer, project manager, speaker, NLP Hypnotist, educated in advanced trauma treatment and as a professional international licensed Coach she brings knowledge with an ejection of heart to everything she does and that is the secret to her success.

Using the integration of professional Coaching, Sience, NLP Hypnosis, and Eastern philosophy with specialties in Parenting and Healthcare staff. Using her own developed ToM Energy Release ™ - techniques. ToM stands for Theory of Mind and is the part of the brain that keeps your ability to attribute mental states—beliefs, intents, desires, emotions, knowledge, etc.—to oneself, and to others, and to understand that others have beliefs, desires, intentions, and perspectives that are different from one's own. 



  • Clinical Trauma Specialist - Arizona Trauma Institute

  • ICF International Certified Coach 

  • NLP Hypnotist - Dr Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna, London

  • Advanced Training for Trauma Treatment of Complex PTSD - Arizona Trauma Institute

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Trauma Treatment with Interoception and Body-based awareness - Arizona Trauma Institute

  • The Sience of Well-Being - Yale University

  • Her teachers are many: world-renowed Eckhart Tolle "The Power off Now,  The Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening  etc

  • Dr Dan Siegel,  12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind etc

  • Dr Shefali - Conscious parenting level 1 & 2, The Year of the Awakened Heart etc

  • EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing to name a few courses

Anna incorporates all her teachers knowledge and her own experience, special techniques and wisdom in her coaching practice.
Her biggest inspiration is mothers and her biggest teacher is her child.

Why Anna became a professional Hypnosis Coach & Trauma Specialist aka "Wellness in Trauma Specialist"

“Giving birth in one of the world´s safest countries should be a pleasant experience, mine was not.  It caused me severe pain that the doctor caused brain fluid leakage in my back, tore my abdomen, cut me open, and lack of treatment gave me a near death experience that led to physical and mental problems, including high level of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Postpartum depression and chronic Insomnia. With no support it has been a long way back. To become a mother in these terms was the biggest challenge of my life. To pave the way and help mothers and to give children the best conditions in Life, is my calling. To finally be able to answer the question on why and how we get Postpartum depression and to give tools to feel wellness is a blessing. To bring back the joy of giving birth and the gift of raising your self alongside your child.
To those who are reading this and struggling, you are not meant to do this all on your own, reach out. You are not alone!
Together we will find your path. How you may ask? By cracking your individual codes as I call it. Your patterns, beliefs, you bagage and turning them in to gifts.
In my hand there is private coahing, online courses and so much more.
If I can help others be the best parent and leader of your life with the right conditions, I will!”

You can schedule a private session to see her in her Helsingborg, Sweden office or schedule a coaching session on SKYPE/phone/Zoom.

Anna about Paul McKenna & Dr Richard Bandler


“The first time I saw Paul McKenna hypnotize people was on TV in the 90's. Even then, I was very curious about how hypnosis worked. To be educated by both the amazing Paul McKenna & the fantastic co-founder of NLP Dr Richard Bandler was a dream! Being able to combine this with coaching and with my own technique has taken me and my clients' wellbeing to a much higher level!”

Anna about Eckhart Tolle

"As one of the blessed ones that recievde shollorship for Eckhard's teachings, I´m forever grateful for him beliving in me and to his never ending teachings to fully understand the power of living in the Now. He is able to be modest in a loud world, to be comical in the seriousness and he is able to take his time in this faste paces world is amazing. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is to see the moment as it is without referring to the past"


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