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Do you have thoughts, feelings or behaviors you want to change?
Maybe you have experienced stress and traumas in life without getting the right help.
Or if you simply want to increase your well-being! Then you have come to the right place! 

Together with me, get ready to: 

re-wire &

With Gratitude,

Anna Bursell 
- Hypnotherapist, Coach and Trauma Specialist


Planned performances 2023/2024

Upcoming lectures/Workshops at:

Centrumskolan – Helsingborg 22/11

Workshop – Tillväxt Helsingborg, 30/11

Suicide Zero - Workshop try tool for Stress & Trauma Management, Gothenburg 9/9  

Rönnegymnasiet, Ängelholm, high school Sweden Inspiration Day, Stress Management, Nervous System & Neuroscience April 14th 

Business & Professional Woman – Workshop Stress & Traumahantering, Våra Stress Språk 19/4

Wellbeing Retreat – 2 days workshop 6-7/5 Helsingborg Hotell1622 Sweden

Outdoor Office day – Fredriksdal workshop on june 15th 15/6

Meet Anna at the world's largest event for Personal Leadership where she is part of Tony Robbins' team: UPW in Birmingham 20-23/7

Come and listen to Anna's book reading of her debut book on our "Stress Language" Dates are coming!

Anna will launch a unique global online course in Swedish and English. The course is for mothers and parents affected by postpartum depression, anxiety, and trauma surrounding pregnancy or childbirth. In the course, Anna shares her unique study and her conclusions about why we suffer from postpartum depression.

In the course, Anna shares her unique study and her conclusions about why we suffer from postpartum depression.

Private session

Private session with Anna via Zoom, for personal development.

Privat session in Annas Clinic

A private session with Anna at the clinic in Helsigborg, Sweden, for personal development.

Leadership coaching

Invest in improving your leadership.Book coaching with Anna online or live. Anna works globally. For live sessions e-mail

Online Courses

Anna guides you in the process of unlocking mental blockages no matter what stands in the way of your wellbeing. Parenting - Postpartum depresion, stress, sleep issues etc

Live Workshops & Seminars

Anna's energy, captivating presence, humor and wisdom capture the audience's interest and desire to learn!

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Anna specializes in how to find wellbeing in the midst of stress/depression/trauma. She guides you to remove blockages whatever it may be that stands in the way of your wellbeing such as; relationship, career, heartaches, trauma, childhood memories, smoking or unhealthy relationship with food, etc.

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