Vagusnerven – 3 sätt att stimulera din kropps egna ”antidepressiva” NU!  

The vagus nerve is the body's longest nerve, it connects the brain with a number of important organs in the body - heart, lungs, stomach and intestines. Signals from the brain are transmitted to virtually all vital organs. The wandering nerve begins at the base of the skull and passes through the neck, chest and peritoneum. The Vagus nerve regulates the functions as when you are: swallowing; vomiting; cough; stomach work; breathing and your heartbeat. The activity of the nerve is the quality of the Vagus nerve and the quality of the Vagus nerve is strongly linked to our mental health. Our quality of the Vagus nerve is also what our children inherits from us, so the mother passes on the quality of the Vagus nerve. Mothers who are depressed, angry or anxious during pregnancy have lower activity in their Vagus nerve, which is also passed on to the child who may have low dopamine and serotonin levels as a result. It can feel hard to hear it though, there are simple things to do to increase activity on the Vagus nerve on ourselves and our children. It is never too late and it is something we need to do through life. The vagus nerve is incredibly important and with poor quality on it, we do not survive, so we should take good care of it! The more conscious we become of everything that works FOR our well-being, the more we can help! So what can you do then? If you are unable to work out (exercise tips are yoga & Thai Chi) and move around very physically which helps the Vagus nerve. There are still many options! In my work I Always focus on how to feel wellness right NOW not matter how you feel physically or mentally. Do this:

11. Take deep breaths in the back of your mouth in the palate, this activates the nerve, and about 6 deep breaths gives a good response, you can close your eyes, stand or sit as straight as you can, relax and open your mouth and take 6 calm deep breaths in the back of the palate. You can try right now! ;)

22. Cold showers also activate the nerve but if you are like me who always freezes then it is not an alternative haha, but you can always finish the shower with about 30sec with cold water and you should of course not do this on your children (if they do not want to) this is for you, the adults :)

33. Singing / humming is amazing and something simple for both adults and children to do!

Vagusnerven är ansluten till stämbanden och musklerna i baksidan av halsen. Sjunga och nynna aktiverar dessa muskler som i sin tur stimulerar Vagusnerven. Det jag gör med min familj är att vi sjunger en liten ”god morgon” – sång för att starta morgonen positivt 🙂 Så gå med i en kör, eller sjung det du gör just nu (jag sätter på min tröööjaaa) eller sjung i badet, vad du än väljer kommer det att hjälpa ditt välbefinnande! Lycka till min vän! 🙂 Kärlek, Anna För mer välbefinnande i ditt liv finns det: – Coaching-sessioner – Kurser & work-shops som: Välmående i föräldraskapet hur du än mår Wellness in Business” innehåller bland annat stresshantering & ett Coachande Ledarskap och för vårdpersonal ”Wellness in trauma

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